Wristband Anti-drowning Bracelet Airbag

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·   The idea is that you wear a seat belt while you're in the car, you wear a helmet while you ride a bike,but how do you
protect yourself while in the water.

·   This is an emergency life preserver that you can strap right to your wrist in case you don't feel like wearing a life jacket.
It's lightweight and portable design makes it much less bulky than a life preserver.

Technical specs:

·   Material:TPU
·   Gas: carbon dioxide
·   Suitable for all ages
·   What you get:1PC Wristband +1pc Gas cylinder


·   To use it simply pull the lever on the wristband and the flotation device will inflate within,seconds,thus floating you to the,surface of the water.Then use the product to bring the compass to
identify the direction


·   The airbag of this product is a consumable, no airbag can produce any effect