Unisex Myopia Swimming Goggles

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1. The orbit does not fit the eye
The silicone inside the frame and the eye are not adjusted to fit, which causes water leakage and
fogging. This can be avoided by adjusting the strap and nose bridge to make the frame and the eye
socket fit comfortably.
2. Man-made destruction of anti-fog coating
YouYOU anti-fog goggles are all coated with a good anti-fouling coating when they leave the factory.
If you need to clean the goggles before going into the water after receiving the goggles, you only
need to quickly pass the goggles in the water several times. Do not wipe the inner side of the
swimming goggles with your hands, cloth or other items when flushing the inside of the swimming
goggles for a long time. This will damage the anti-fog coating on the inside of the swimming goggles
and lose the anti-fog effect

Technical specs:

·  Style: flat/plated
·  Ingredient: Lenses: polycarbonate
·  Sealing ring: silica gel
·  Glass strap: Silica gel frame: Polycarbonate
·  Product features:
·  Fashionable casual style, provide clear and durable wearing effect, large lens design to provide a ·  larger field of vision, multiple color options, suitable for all kinds of people. 



·  as the picture shows


·  After receiving the goods, you need to wear the swimming goggles to test the adsorption capacity. If there is no adsorption capacity, please do not use it in the water. It is recommended to contact online customer service.
·  Please contact customer service for the specific degree of myopia goggles