Iphone 7 used 95% New Mobile Phone

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· The mobile phone is 95% new mobile phone used for Iphone, the basic quasi-new phone, there are only some very inconspicuous small scratches and flaws, mind not to shoot!


Technical specs:

· Basic informationBasic information
· Brand Apple/ Apple
· Apple model iPhone 7
· Style unknown
· Operating system iOS 10
· Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, 401 ppi
· Network type No contract required
· Network mode Cellular network and wireless connection
· CPU information CPU information
· CPU brand Apple/Apple
· Storage capacity 128GB 256GB 32GB
· Rear camera 12 million pixels wide-angle telephoto dual-lens camera
·Camera type: 12 million pixels wide-angle telephoto dual-lens camera



·After receiving the product, please start the activation process and switch it to your language. The default version is the Chinese mainland version


· 95% of the product is brand new mobile phones, there will be very slight scratches on the surface, please do not buy if you mind