Electric Popcorn Machine

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· Give children more fun in life
· One-key operation, simple and fast

Technical specs:

· Material: PP shell + aluminum alloy liner
· Voltage: 110/220V
· Size: 27*12*11cm
· Color: red
· Plug type: EU plug, suitable for Indonesia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, etc.
· Plug type: American plug, suitable for Canada, India, Japan, Mexico, Thailand, the United States, the Philippines, etc.
· Package includes: popcorn machine x 1, power adapter x 1, user manual x 1


· Open the transparent cover and put the machine in the corn kernels. (This flavored popcorn machine can only put no other seasonings, so just put a small corn on it),
· Close the transparent cover and close the handle of the spoon.
· Install the container in front of the popcorn outlet of the popcorn machine.
· About 2-3 minutes after the popcorn starts to blow out from the opening.
· When there is no explosion in the corn liner of the popcorn machine, turn off the switch immediately. Take out the upper body (to avoid scalding the surface to avoid scalding), go around the lower body with your hands, and pour the remaining popcorn into the container.
· Add all kinds of edible condiments (jam, ketchup, butter, milk, etc.),
· If popcorn is popped twice in a row, there must be at least 10 minutes between popcorns.


· During the working process of the popcorn machine, do not press the inner surface of the popcorn machine with high temperature.
· It is forbidden to immerse the power cord, plug or other parts of the popcorn machine in water to prevent damage to the machine and electric shock.
· Before use, the plug must be pulled out from the socket, and then cleaned, and then installed or removed accessories after cooling.
· When using the popcorn machine, do not add water, oil and other additives to the corn to avoid damage to the machine parts.
· Avoid cleaning the popcorn machine with a metal brush, so as not to damage the inner and outer surface of the popcorn machine.
· No glass or metal objects can be processed in the liner popcorn machine to avoid fire or danger.
· The popcorn machine should be switched to the "OFF" position after use.