New Type Sewage Decolorizing Agent

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· This product is a new type of multifunctional polymer that integrates decolorization, flocculation,
precipitation, COD reduction, etc.

· The molecular chain contains a variety of functional groups. This molecular structure is conducive
to cooperation with printing plants, dyeing and finishing plants, and water-based

· Coating plants, water washing plants, etc. directly combine with pigments to quickly decolorize
and settle down. Therefore, the agent is suitable for high

· Concentration, high chroma pigment wastewater has good decolorization and COD reduction,
and the material of this agent

· Food grade, drinking water grade and environmental protection are mostly used as raw materials
to avoid secondary pollution after the sewage treatment process.

· Safer and more environmentally friendly treatment of sewage to meet discharge requirements


Technical specs:

· Appearance: brown or light yellow powdery solid
· PH value: 6-7.5
· Solid content: 98.5%
· Insoluble matter content in water (%): ≤0.005
· Heavy metals (calculated as Pd)
· (%): ≤0.001




1. Concentrate the sewage in the storage of stainless steel tanks of large and small tons;

2. Stir and add the decolorizing agent for 5-10 minutes;

3. Flocculation and sedimentation a few minutes after standing still;

4. The clean water is discharged into the standby pool;

5. The sediment is filtered and treated with a woven bag;

6. The whole process takes about 30 minutes to complete the city.



· Bleaching and dyeing factory, printing factory, food factory, paint factory, resin factory, paper product factory, ink factory,
· Wastewater treatment plants such as printing plants.
· Note: This product is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-corrosive and harmless product