Iphone SE Used 95% New Mobile Phone

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· The mobile phone is 95% new mobile phone used for Iphone, the basic quasi-new phone, there are only some very inconspicuous small scratches and flaws, mind not to shoot!

Technical specs:

· Product name: Apple/Apple iPhone SE
· Brand: Apple/ Apple
· Apple model: iPhone SE
· Baby condition: 95% new
· Battery type: non-removable battery
· Interface type: apple Lightning
· Resolution: 1136x640 pixels
· Number of CPU cores: Unknown
· Body color: Silver Apple SE [Full Netcom 4G] Tyrant Gold Apple SE [Full Netcom 4G] Gray Apple · SE [Full Netcom 4G] Silver Apple SE [Full Netcom 4G] Rose Gold
· Touch screen type: 4-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit wide display with Multi-Touch technology
· Keyboard type: unknown
· Rear camera: 12 million
· Storage capacity: 16GB 32GB 64GB
· Screen material: LCD
· Camera type: dual cameras (front and rear)
· Network mode: No contract version required
· Telecommunications equipment access license number: 02-8573-182033
· Version type: Mainland China
· Operating System: iOS 9
· Headphone plug type: 3.5mm
· CPU brand: Apple/Apple
· CPU model: A9
· Time to market: 2020-07
· Screen size: 4 inches
· Product name: iPhone SE
· Battery capacity: 1715mAh
· Body thickness: 6.9mm
· CPU model: A9



· Please start the activation process after receiving the product and switch it to your language. The default version is the version in Mainland China



· The product is 95% new mobile phone, there will be very slight scratches on the surface, please do not buy if you mind